Thank you. The response to our appeal was absolutely overwhelming.

In all, thanks to the generosity of the rural community, we collected some 23,000 warm, waterproof coats, through over 75 collection centres across the country and delivered them to those in need.

Around 20,000 coats were delivered directly to the region via shipping container.
Around 2,000 coats were donated to OXFAM
around 1,000 coats were donated to Islamic Relief.

Massive, massive thanks to our Transport providers, Freightroute Ltd and National Air Cargo, without whom none of this would have been possible.


A 45 tonne lorry fully loaded, with probably less than half of the coats you have collected...!


CountryCoats2Syria was a one-off project in response to a specific crisis at a specific time.

As a result we are not planning to start any new collections at this time.





We all know about the conflict in Syria and the tragic circumstances that have affected refugees fleeing that crisis. We all remember the tragic picture of the body of Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach...


What most people don't know is that the majority of the nine million displaced Syrians, many from rural communities, remain in Syria and want nothing more than to return home and rebuild their lives and their nation.


There are 6½ million refugees living in camps in Syria. A further 3 million are sheltering in neighbouring countries.


These people face the onslaught of a bitter winter, many only in the clothes that they escaped in. Do not make the mistake of thinking that winter in Syria is mild. Look at the picture above. Hypothermia is a real danger, especially to the young.


Meanwhile, here in the UK...


How many of us in the countryside community have racks like this beside our doors?


Full of warm, waterproof coats, most of which we never wear? Coats which our children have grown out of? Coats which we have been meaning to take to the charity shop or merely throw away?


Coats which could be saving lives in Syria?


Country Coats to Syria means to address both of those problems

At auction markets, racecourses, hunt meets, shoots and anywhere else where countryside people gather, we will be asking people to bring their spare coats.



We will sort them, bag them and package them.


Then we will pass them on to the established charity, Syria Relief, who will arrange for their transport into refugee camps in Syria and the surrounding Region.

If you have spare coats - the sort of coats that you would wish to receive in similar circumstances - and if you would like to help show that the countryside cares then please help the Country Coats to Syria Project

PLEASE NOTE: CountryCoats2Syria is not and does not claim to be a Charity.

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